Perfect Fit Personal Training – Holiday Hypnotherapy? Weight Loss Over the Holidays

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Holiday Hypnotherapy? Weight Loss Over the Holidays

One of the biggest reasons people gain weight at the holidays: lack of willpower.  But what if it was possible to manipulate your willpower, making you unwavering to the temptations of the season?

Hypnotist Colin Christopher, author of the book Success Through Manipulation: Subconscious Reactions That Will Make or Break You, who helps his patients lose weight through hypnosis, says hypnosis manipulates and strengthens a person’s willpower so much, that he guarantees anyone who uses it can lose weight this time of year when food is in abundance.

That’s not his opinion; the stats back it up.  The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology says that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97%, and increased the effectiveness of weight loss post hypnosis by more than 146%.

So how does it work?

·         Direct access to the subconscious – Hypnosis allows us direct access to the subconscious, where we can replace negative programing with positive, healthy and empowering suggestions that increase willpower.

·         Visualization – The more you see something, the more you believe it.  Visualization techniques play an important role in hypnosis and self-hypnosis.  Even taking 10 minutes each day to visualize your long term goals of a better and healthier body can help reprogram years of negative conditioning, and increase willpower tremendously.

·         The power of suggestion – The power of suggestion is everywhere: daily conversations, commercials on television and even billboards on the highway all subliminally manipulate our willpower.  A hypnotherapist, spouse or friend can offer positive and empowering suggestions that penetrate deep into the subconscious and increase willpower.  Phrases like “Food is no match for my will” and “I will stick to my diet that keeps me slim” work best.

·         Improves confidence which increases willpower – Hypnosis greatly increases self-confidence, which is key for people who have failed over-and-over again at losing weight.  Confidence is increased so the patient stops feeling like a victim, and starts feeling like a winner capable of conquering his or her weight loss goals.

·         Triggers willpower to override bad habits – Hypnosis can be used to create physical, mental and emotional triggers that manipulate willpower into action to override habits like emotional eating that put on pounds. Hypnosis can give you the strength to say “No” when your current habit makes you say “Yes” to food that makes you fat.