MSN Healthy Living: What her eating habits say about her bedroom habits

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What her eating habits say about her bedroom habits

By Gina Roberts-Grey for MSN Healthy Living

Want to know what a woman’s like in bed? Pay attention to these clues at the dinner table.

You’ve just met a great new girl, and think she could be the one. So it’s natural you’re a little nervous about breaking bread with your potential mate. Chances are, if she’s into you, she’s got a similar case of the butterflies – even if she appears to be calm, cool and collected. Instead of wondering if this date could lead to the two of you walking down the aisle together, or getting physical after dinner, experts suggest paying attention to the following signs and signals women throw out while sharing a meal.

The indecisive orderer

Fish or chicken … oh wait, maybe filet? If your date just can’t decide what she wants to eat, experts say she might be seeking a dominant partner in bed.

Toni Coleman, LCSW, a psychotherapist and relationship coach in the Washington D.C. metro area, says this gal might be holding back on choosing what to eat out of concern that her food choice will trigger judgment by her date. “She may also worry about what he might think of her food choices, or worry about making a choice based on the messy quotient rather than her own pleasure.”

These concerns reflect a woman’s desire to present a certain appearance to gain a man’s approval. Coleman says they also demonstrate a desire to follow a guy’s lead in the bedroom rather than take the lead. “She will want to please and to be perceived as attractive, sexy and at ease with her man playing the dominant role,” says Coleman.

She (finally!) orders a burger

Dining with a woman who loves to sink her teeth into a juicy piece of meat or burger? Should the date go well (really well!) and you end up back at her place, be prepared for a long night.

“Red meat is one of the best sources of iron in our diets,” says Rebecca Solomon, MS, a registered and certified dietician, clinical nutrition coordinator at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. “Iron, carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body, it also helps our muscles store and use oxygen.”

And all that stored oxygen can prevent physical fatigue and exhaustion, helping a woman to have plenty of energy and stamina for a night of romance.

The slow eater

If it takes her forever to finish that burger – or any meal – because she savors every bite, she may want to take things slow in the bedroom, too. “This woman likely wants to savor and enjoy the experience with her partner much like she would experience food,” says Colin Christopher, a clinical hypnotherapist, relationship coach and author.

She’ll also savor all the good parts of the relationship and most likely crave more romance than someone who is quick to finish their food.

What’s the link between eating slow and the bedroom? Eating can be a very personal, emotional act. And a Christopher says a woman who takes time to enjoy and savor their food experiences will most likely act the same in a relationship.

She sticks to salad

The magnesium in spinach can put your date in a very good mood, says JJ Virgin, celebrity nutritionist and New York Times best-selling author of The Virgin Diet. “Magnesium can relieve anxiety and promote calmness,” she says.

If arugula is in the mix, romance with your stress-free date could be on the horizon. Not only is it a tasty compliment to spinach, arugula’s dark leaves contain trace minerals and antioxidants that are essential for sexual health. In fact, arugula was used by the ancient Romans as an aphrodisiac, and continues to be perceived as a natural sexual booster in many cultures, says Neka Pasquale, a chef who has trained in traditional Chinese medicine.

The thinking is the antioxidants in arugula help block absorption of environmental toxins thought to dampen libido. Referred to as “rocket” in some parts of the world, arugula is also thought to stimulate energy, according to Pasquale.

She dives into a bowl of pasta

Hoping for a night of pleasant, drama-free company? You might want to suggest eating at an Italian restaurant so your date can dine on fettuccine, ziti or just about any pasta. Not only can the carbs in pasta boost energy (so your date will be peppy), it can enhance her mood.

“The carbs in pasta can cause an energy surge by providing fuel for the brain and muscles,” says  Tammy Lakatos Shames, a registered and licensed dietician, nutritionist and co-author of the forthcoming “The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure.” But this can boost focus and mood as well.

“By revving up serotonin, your body’s feel-good chemical, carbs can induce a calmness or mood boost.”

Shames says a woman can feel the energy and mood boost within minutes of eating. “And the rush can last for several hours,” she adds. Which means hours of idle chit chat and pleasant conversation getting to know each other.

She won’t share food

Not wanting to share food isn’t a sign a gal is stingy. But it is a clue that she believes people should be allowed to indulge and pursue their own pleasures instead of waiting or holding off for the other person.  She doesn’t want to mix tastes or pleasure derived from food; she wants to enjoy her meal on her own. “So she will likely climax separately during sex,” says Brandon Wade, a leading dating expert who is the CEO of several dating websites and author of “Seeking Arrangement.”

The subtle glimpse into her sexual psyche doesn’t mean a woman is selfish or uncaring. Wade says it simply means she doesn’t think one person’s pleasure has to be tied to another’s.

Her foods can’t touch

Keeping her corn out of her mashed potatoes, or compartmentalizing food on her plate isn’t just all about taste preference. Scott Haltzman, MD, a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife’s Heart Forever” says an intense sexual and emotional encounter is all about letting loose, not putting things in order. “And keeping foods from touching says this woman wants to keep things neat, orderly, and clean. The opposite of down and dirty,” says Haltzman.

It could also be a sign this woman is a planner and he likes the longitude of meeting, romancing, enticing, physical touch, caressing, leading up to lovemaking, says Navarro. “There is order in her life that creates ordered psychological comfort.”