Another Men’s FASHION Blog: Hypnotist Gives Men Upper Hand with Women

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Hypnotist Gives Men Upper Hand with Women

They say behind every great man there’s a woman.  We know women persuade men all the time, but can a man really influence a woman?  There are different opinions on that one, but one expert, who is a man, says not only can men influence women, they can do it in such a subtle way that women won’t even realize it – and it can help with almost everything from knowing the truth, getting a second date and more.

Colin Christopher is one of the most popular stage hypnotists in North America, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and author of the book Success Through Manipulation.  He says the power of the mind to control the body is one of the greatest tools we’re born with – and right now many of his patients are men looking for a leg up in their relationships with women.
For example:
·         It’s not what you say but how you say it – the key is to use the power of suggestion in your line of questioning to get what you want.  For example: “You will let me buy you another drink, won’t you?” Or “we’ll have another date next week, right?”
·         It’s all in the eyes of the beholder – It’s easy to tell if your woman is really into what you’re saying or if she’s lying because her eyes will react in certain ways.  Looking left typically indicates a lie or a constructed image/sound, whereas looking right indicates a remembered image or sound, or the truth.  When you’re telling a lie, your pupils also tend to dilate.
·         Touch me tenderly – Hypnotists teach their patients to use a touch mechanism when trying to recall a particular response. This is a very simple technique that men can use with women.  For example: rub her arm anytime you really want something. The more you repeat the action when you want something, the more conditioned she’ll become to give you what you want.  You’re working on the subconscious mind to produce a desired outcome without the direct awareness of the conscious mind.
·         A picture is worth a thousand words – Men will have the upper hand with women by using imagery in their language to trigger an emotional response. For example: don’t tell her something is too expensive.  Instead, say, “tonight we’ll go to the mall and you can try on as many different dresses as you want, and maybe we can find a nice pair of shoes to go along.”  You want to tap into her emotional side.
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